Hiidenportti 10 Houses

The Hiidenportti 10 houses in Espoo’s Kilo, near the border of Kauniainen, form a dense cluster occupying two plots and comprising seven semi-detached houses with car ports and maintenance buildings. There was a thick forest of mainly spruce on the site when construction began. Trees were preserved at the edges of the site. A group of slender pines was left on the gentle slope at the north-western corner, and in their midst is a playground for children. The wood-structured houses have three dwelling types, whose sizes are 99.5 m², 112 m² and 115 m². The facades are clad with broad horizontal wood panels. The colours are white, dark grey and red ochre. The facades of the homes are white or grey. The sheet metal roofs and window frames are dark grey. The red ochre painted outbuildings have a light roof growing sedum. Each home has a balcony, terrace, cool-off porch attached to the sauna, entrance deck with canopy and a small separate store.