Honkala Housing, Espoo

Six attached one-family houses and one detached house.

Honkala Apartments in Espoo is located next to the Leppävaara church beside a district of old villas.

The villas are a vestige of the first town-like locality in Espoo, which began to form in Leppävaara as a result of building a railway halt in 1904. Lars Sonc designed the town plan for Alberga villa community in 1908.

The overall scheme is considered successful and well adapted to the environment. Stepping the buildings sideways in respect of the car ports gives the project a vivid character.

Espoo Townscape Comittee, statement in favour of the project 11/06/2006

  • Total gross area 950 m²
  • Completed 2008
  • Developer: Rakennuskartio