House Tiainen

The site was originally occupied by a single-storey house built of red brick in 1957–64. In 1981 a fire in the kitchen caused serious damages to the house. The flames exploded through the roof and destroyed walls and furniture. After the fire, City is Espoo’s Building Control Services demanded the house to be restored to its’ original condition.

In the beginning of the new Millennium, the house got new owners and it underwent a complete renovation in 2008 and 09. After a couple of years however, a serious moisture damage was detected, habitation in the house was prohibited, and it had to be demolished. The owner changed once again. Due to site plan preparations, the plot was in building prohibition and the new owners needed an exceptional planning permission for the new project.

The new building is also a single-storey structure, located on the site so that the largest courtyard area with terrace opens between the south-east and south-west. The garden surrounding the house is adapted to the level differences of the site; at the south-western side it abuts a patch of exposed rock. A big, old, moss-covered boulder beside the terrace, carefully protected during construction, recalls the history of the place. The facades facing the street and those at the ends of the house are mainly built of anthracite-coloured handmade bricks and partly clad with Corten steel. On the courtyard side the facade is of pale grey concrete, which is also the material of some interior walls and the fireplace.