Kesäkuja Housing

Two semi-detached houses and two detached houses in Espoo.

At the beginning of the project, a one-storey house built in 1964 in the Lystimäki area in Espoo was demolished. The urban structure was densified: the old house was replaced with two semi-detached houses with floor areas of 82,5 m² and 94,5 m² and two detached houses of 122 m². They form two nearly identical groups of three homes, where the detached house is connected to the semi-detached house in an oblique angle by means of a car port. The house clusters frame the eastern and southern edges of the plot, winding around a sheltered common courtyard, which opens to the west. All dwellings have an entrance porch, terrace and balcony. In the semi-detached houses, the balcony is connected to the sauna, in the detached houses to the living room and dining area. The stone-structured houses have rendered facades, the colour varying per home. The render colours are greyish white and dark English red. The wood claddings and fences are dark grey and all metal parts black.