Marja-Riitta Norri Architects

Seita, Tilapeli and Taikavuori

Helsinki, Finland

Competition entries to three site development contents organized by city of Helsinki. Under planning.

The western part of Viikinmäki consists of varying rocky landscape, which on its western edge slants steeply down to the meadow on Vantaanjoki river's bank. City of Helsinki has wanted to emphasize this quality in the architecture of the forthcoming district. Seita was a competition entry in the first site development competition for the western part of Viikinmäki in 2006.

Tilapeli was a competition entry to the second site development contest in 2008. It was selected as the basis for further development of site no. 36110/9.

In the entry the character of the ‘hill city’ has been well understood.

The volumes of the buildings and placement to the landscape is natural and also optimal for making use of the landscape and the scenery. Building areas have been laid out in such a way that the imposing boulder in the centre of the lot will be preserved. This has been taken into account in the outcome of the competition. Also the design for the lower side of the slope, in which the buildings ‘begin to glide’, has the spirit of the hill city and touches the ground gently. Planting with unassertive natural vegetation is fine.

Façades are harmonic and their colours are restful.

Apartment plans are functional and flexible.

Accessibility requirements have been fulfilled in the plan.

Excerpts from the assessment of the competition entry “Tilapeli”
City of Helsinki, Real Estate Department 14th Oct 2008.