Marja-Riitta Norri Architects

Villa Harava, Espoo

Espoo, Finland

Villa Harava was built on a lot sloping slightly towards south. In its higher part, a single-family house designed by Pekka Helin had been built in 1992. Both buildings are based on a split-level design that matches the topography of the lot. The volume, roof angle, colouring and material of the new building have been adapted to the architecture of the original building.

There is one bedroom on the entrance level in addition to a vestibule and ancillary spaces. From there, after ascending the stairs one half story, one arrives to a space that combines the living room, the dining area and the kitchen, from where two balconies open to different directions and from where one can access the master bedroom. One half story down from the house entrance are situated the fireplace room and the sauna compartment, where one can go out to the yard to cool off, as well as one additional bedroom and a working area.