Marja-Riitta Norri Architects

Villa Rosa, Vantaa

Vantaa, Finland

Villa Rosa is located in an area of detached houses in Vantaa. The area has been recently complemented with new buildings. The lot of Villa Rosa has been split after demolishing a single-family house builti in the 1960s. A two-storey single family house was built on each new lot.

The colour of Villa Rosa as well as the design of each of the distinct spaces were based on the client's wishes. The basic concept – building wings to seclude a part of the yard – is based on an idea of the younger designer of the project to achieve some privacy in an area where the neighbours are very near in every direction.

Villa Rosa is characterized by different types of exterior spaces to which the interior is directly connected, a living room area with a high ceiling and a number of outbuildings around the house that create a village-like atmosphere.