Villa Taikavuori

In December 2009 City of Helsinki Real Estate Department decided to organize a build and design competition for private clients for seven plots in Viikinmäki, Helsinki.

The main objective was to create high-quality stone housing and develop sloping site architecture in Viikinmäki in accordance with the areas’ image as a “rocky hill city”. With a firm price, the plots were sold to those with the most feasible and high-quality proposals, one plot each. The participants needed to prepare sketches and building outline specification for an example plot. The proposals were 56 altogether. With Professor Matti Seppänen as expert jury member, in May 2010 the proposal Taikavuori was chosen as winner and its’ clients had first pick of the available plots.

The realization of Taikavuori was delayed by a few years because the original clients had to withdraw from the project. However, the original design with some small alterations suited for the new client, and so the house was completed in autumn 2019.

On the street side, Villa Taikavuori has two floors and, on the other side in the almost abrupt slope the spaces open towards the river in three floors through terraces and balconies. the first floor is mostly below ground, the sauna space receives a lot of daylight however, and is equipped with a terrace. The second floor serves as entrance floor on the street side. On the third floor in the slope side there is an open and inviting living space with fireplace, dining area and open kitchen. The two large bedrooms on the street side have also balconies that continue through the whole length of the façade. The second fireplace of the house can be found on the balcony of the entrance floor.

The House’s frame blockwork is of concrete and the colour scheme is mostly black and white.